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The Proof is in the Pile for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

September 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Carpet Cleaning Menomonie WI

If you’re like most people, you’ve never given a second thought to the most important aspect of carpet cleaning service—the actual cleaning process. However, the process is essential to the cleanliness and success of carpet cleaning. The technique by which carpets are cleaned is the difference between carpet that is meticulously clean and carpet that has only had the dirt taken off the top.  Carpet that isn’t thoroughly cleaned wears out prematurely because soil that remains behind will basically fray and unravel carpet pile fibers, causing deterioration that will shorten carpet life. For carpets that are clean to the core, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services utilizes a system that cleans and rejuvenates your facility’s carpeted areas.

Here is how most other carpet cleaning companies do it:

– Vacuum carpets

– Treat spots and trouble areas

– Wet the carpet with cleaner and water

– Extract cleaning solution

Sadly, this process leaves lingering dirt below the surface of the carpet fibers which means stains return after a week or so. Dirt and grime trapped deep in the carpet’s pile will continue to degrade the quality and life of your carpet investment.

We think your carpet deserves better…way better. Rather than the outdated, ineffective “brush the dirt off the top” method, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services uses the most sophisticated process available.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Process

– First, we use heavy-duty, pile-lifting vacuum equipment
– Next we pre-treat stains, spots, and high traffic areas
– Then, we apply special cleaning products to loosen and lift deep down dirt
– Next, we rinse your carpets with clean hot water
– After that, we extract soil, water, and cleaning products with heavy-duty, truck-mounted equipment
– Then we re-treat trouble areas (persistent stains, high traffic)
– Groom entire surface for efficient drying and a uniform appearance
– Place pads beneath furniture to safeguard the carpet during drying process
– Thorough drying of all cleaned carpets
– Finally, we walk through your facility with you to ensure your complete satisfaction

We also provide Green Cleaning carpet cleaning services.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services’ commercial carpet cleaning is a perfect solution for businesses and commercial facilities in Menomonie and the Northwestern Wisconsin area. From small businesses to huge office complexes; retail to churches; we handle all of it. Call us to see how we can clean and freshen your carpets.

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