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Janitorial Services and National Staying Healthy Month in Ladysmith, WI

January 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Ladysmith, WI Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services

As January rolls around every year, so do all the New Year’s Resolutions folks love to make. One of the most popular resolutions is to become healthier throughout the year. While most look to changing their exercise or eating habits, there are a few that look to their surroundings. Since we spend a quarter of our time (sometimes more) in the office at work, it makes sense that resolutions will spill over into the workplace. To help you and your employees stay healthy this year, consider ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for your janitorial services and office cleaning needs in Ladysmith, WI.

As an employer, investing in the health of your employees will help your business run more efficiently. One easy way to help them out is by giving them a clean environment to work in. Clean carpets and floors, as well as frequent waste basket emptying is a good start, but there are more steps you can take to ensuring the health of your employees. Since January is National Staying Healthy Month, there is no better time to consider a commercial cleaning and janitorial service, like ServiceMaster Cleaning Services. Regular cleaning removes bacteria, dirt, and germs from the workplace, as well as improving the indoor air quality of the office. No one likes to work in a smelly building!

From carpet cleaning to office waste removal, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services can perform any janitorial service you may need. No job is too tough for us to clean, which means you can rest assured that your office is as clean and healthy as it could possibly get. We will work with you to find the janitorial solution that’s right for your business, whether it’s a daily or weekly cleaning.

Most importantly, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services specializes in making sure your carpets and floors are in tip-top shape. Our friendly, expert technicians do a thorough job each and every time they visit your office building. Whether it’s a school, healthcare facility, or industrial building, we’ve got the tools to clean and maintain your business to professional standards.

Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services today to kick-start a healthy new year with janitorial services in Ladysmith, WI.

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