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How to Vacuum Your Carpets: Maintaining Floors Between Carpet Cleaning in Menomonie, WI

April 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Menomonie, WI Commercial Carpet Cleaning by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services

It might seem like a no-brainer, but there is a certain way to vacuum your carpets to maximize your efforts. Vacuuming is a regular part of carpet maintenance that helps keep your carpets healthy and fresh between professional carpet cleanings in your Menomonie, WI business facility.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers the following basic, but important tips for when you are vacuuming your carpets between regular carpet cleanings.

Clean off counters first. When performing your cleaning duties, make sure that counters and higher surfaces are wiped down before you clean the floors. Gravity inescapably pulls things downwards and this way, you can dust dirt to the floor and vacuum it up later. Make sure before you begin vacuuming that the floor is clear of obstacles, such as furniture, papers, and decorations.

Use a clean vacuum. Wipe off the vacuum and start with a fresh bag when you vacuum. This will prevent you from re-circulating dirt through the air and the carpets while cleaning.

Slow and steady. It’s easy to want to race through vacuuming just to get it done, but an important part of the process is to push and pull the vacuum slowly so that when the brushes aggravate the carpet, the vacuum has time to suck up the dirt that has been loosened.

Overlap passes. Much for the same reason above, overlap the passes of the vacuum as you clean. The overlap will ensure that the maximum amount of dirt is picked up and that the direction of the strokes is alternated.

Use the tools you have. Most vacuums come with a crevice tool and a hose that extends. Use these carpet cleaning tools to get into hard to reach areas and detailed areas. This particular step may seem small, but when the corners and edges are as clean as the main floor, the room looks that much better.

If you decide that vacuuming is something that you would rather have someone else do, call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services. We’re standing by with daily janitorial services or occasional carpet cleaning in Menomonie, WI for businesses and commercial facilities. We also offer carpet cleaning services for education facilities and healthcare facilities. Contact us today!

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