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Regular Floor and Carpet Cleaning in Eau Claire, WI Keeps Allergies at Bay

May 6th, 2015 · No Comments

With all of April’s showers and thunderstorms, we have officially launched ourselves into the spring allergy season in the Midwest. Though seasonal allergies for some are no more than a few sneezes, many experience symptoms as bad as a severe cold or flu, minus the fever. Thorough floor and carpet cleanings in your Eau Claire, WI home or business can help inhabitants combat the extra pollen that is filling the air.

Spring temperatures have been a bit warmer than average this year. This has lead to many trees, such as maples, willows, aspens, and poplars to bloom earlier than expected. These species are big players when it comes to dispersing pollen through the wind. With the spring season extending for a longer period of time, residents in the Midwest can expect a more severe and longer allergy season.

Because spring is finally upon us, windows and doors are being thrown open to push out the dull, stale air of winter and welcome in a fresh spring breeze. The pollen particles mentioned above gladly accept the invitation into your home or office building and settle down on surfaces, including your carpet. Daily foot traffic pushes the pollen deep within the fibers of your carpets. So, if those sniffles just aren’t going away, a thorough cleaning of your floors and carpets may be in order.

Not only will regular carpet cleaning help maintain the health of your family or employees, it will help preserve your carpet. Regular cleanings remove the dirt that can cause carpet to fray or fade in color, and keeps stains and spots from becoming unsightly. Your flooring is a big investment; make it last!

Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services today to schedule a floor or carpet cleaning in Eau Claire, Menomonie, or Rice Lake. We also provide janitorial services to area businesses to keep your office spic and span all throughout the year. From vacuuming to keep allergens at bay to sanitizing common office areas, your immune system and your employees will thank you for giving us a call!

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