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ServiceMaster Clean Janitorial Services Save Casual Fridays

June 12th, 2015 · No Comments

It’s true that American businesses are becoming more and more casual, and this trend has affected Eau Claire, WI businesses as well. It seems we’ve moved past wearing jeans on Fridays to wearing what’s comfortable, becoming Facebook friends with our bosses, and juggling a stress ball to get the creative juices flowing. And this is a good thing; it can improve worker attitudes, increase creativity, and make the whole business environment more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the casual practices that can increase productivity can also increase the mess in offices. Casual behaviors like moving around frequently, food and drink allowances, and gum in the meeting room can mean more dirt, stains, and—you guessed it—cleaning. That’s why we think you should take advantage of ServiceMaster Clean janitorial services for your Eau Claire area business. Here are a few ways a casual business environment can have a negative impact on your office’s cleanliness:

More moving around means more tracking of dirt…

It can be great to get out of your chair and walk around to help you think and create, but this also means tracking in of dirt and mud, especially if employees come to work in their street shoes. High traffic areas become darkened and filthy, and a vacuum or mop isn’t likely to cut it. Luckily, ServiceMaster Clean will clean both carpets and hard surface floors.

More eating and drinking means more mess…

Who doesn’t like to munch on a snack (or seven) while working? Even though it can be great mental stimulation, food leaves behind crumbs, coffee leaves behind rings and stains, and all of this leads to a messier, unsanitary office space.

More traffic in group areas means more clutter…

Businesses like to have group areas for people to bounce ideas off one another, take a break, or throw the occasional holiday party. With meeting areas becoming busier, the clutter and mess that follows can mean a dirty work area for everyone. ServiceMaster Clean janitorial services will clean your break areas and meeting rooms so you can keep the brainstorming party rocking.

Having a casual atmosphere in the office is great, but having a mess isn’t. From carpets and furniture to windows and restrooms, you can be sure that ServiceMaster Clean is ready to tackle every mess your casual Fridays or any other day might produce. Contact us today in Eau Claire to learn more!

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