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Why Summer is the Time for Commercial Window Cleaning

August 17th, 2015 · No Comments

Commercial window cleaning probably isn’t on the top of your summer fun list. You’d rather be at the beach, hiking, relaxing, or soaking up the summer rays. We understand that window cleaning isn’t always fun, but it’s certainly something your clients and customers will notice if left undone. Whether the job is big or small, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services can tackle your summer window cleaning job.

Summer is the time for commercial window cleaning. Why?

Dirty Windows Become Noticeable

As the summer sun beats through your office or building windows, the dirt, bugs, and dust are much more noticeable. The winter clouds might have hid the smudges and streaks, but now that summer is here, there’s no more hiding. Window cleaning is even more important during the summer months because that’s when the dirty secret is most exposed, especially to customers and clients who may stand or sit right next to the window. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services uses professional grade cleaners and tools to give you the cleanest windows when it counts most.

Summer is Tough on Windows

If you don’t think that summer is the time for commercial window cleaning, it’s certainly the time for window dirtying. The bugs are back and ready to make a mess of your window glass. There’s more dirt and dust flying through the summer air, so windows become dirtier, faster. Sweaty hands from hot days mean more smudges and streaks. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services will cut through the grime of summer, leaving your windows sparkling and clear.

Summer is Busy

We know that your summers are busy, and it’s hard to find time outside of work to clean your own commercial windows. Let ServiceMaster Cleaning Services take care of your window cleaning so you can spend more time enjoying the summer and less time cleaning. You can even set up an automatic schedule with us to clean your windows, so window cleaning can stay out of mind all summer long.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services wants to make your windows—and summer—sparkle. Call us today for all of your commercial window cleaning needs!

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