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ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Makes Consignment Upholstery Furniture Look Brand New With Upholstery Cleaning Services in Stevens Point, WI

September 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

Thrift stores are a good source for getting just about anything way under retail price. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of pants or some electrical appliances, thrift stores have such a variety of items, and often they’re in pretty good condition. However, there can sometimes be hidden problems with those great deals. That comfy upholstered chair would be a perfect fit for your living room, if only there wasn’t a giant coffee stain on the back. It wouldn’t be impossible to simply overlook that detail, since the price is so affordable, but then again there are a lot of benefits that come from being surrounded by nice-looking things. Fortunately, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers upholstery cleaning services  to those in Stevens Point, WI to allow them to get those bargain pieces of furniture and still reap the benefits of having clean furniture.

In short, being surrounded by cleanliness helps make you a healthier person, both mentally and physically. In regards to mental health, being surrounded by dirty things induces stress. According to an article in Psychology Today, messy areas make it more difficult for people to relax and they overload our senses, which can make it harder to concentrate and can induce feelings of anxiety.

As far as physical health goes, there is quite a bit of research showing a connection between home cleanliness and physical well-being. As reported in an article on the Huffington Post, a study conducted at Indiana University found that people who lived in a cleaner home were often much healthier than those who lived in a messy home. Having a clean home is also a common recommendation for handling certain medical conditions. For instance, one of the directions posted on the Mayo Clinic Website for people with asthma is to clean the house at least once a week in order to avoid further complications with the disease.

Now, having one stained chair isn’t going to make you suddenly come down with an illness or induce a panic attack. However, it is quite evident that keeping things nice in your home can be very beneficial. So if you ever end up purchasing stain-ridden upholstery furniture, call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services in Stevens Point, WI. With their upholstery cleaning services, you can get that cheap furniture and still have nice things in your residence.

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