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The Facts are In and It’s Bad News for Menomonie, WI Floors! Luckily, Floor Cleaning Plans From ServiceMaster Cleaning Services are Here to Save the Day- and Your Health!

April 12th, 2016 · No Comments

You may want to rethink the 5 second rule! According to Greatists’ news article, The 21 Germiest Places You’re Not Cleaning,” floors are one of the most highly contaminated locations in any home or business. Although that may not be unexpected, did you know that gym bags and shoes are some of the biggest germ trackers in any location? Shoes are one thing, but even handbags could be hoarding potentially sickening germs. If you’re running a large business with hundreds of employees and an incredibly large cliental base, your floors are in huge trouble! Luckily, the floor cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services are efficient, value-priced, and customizable for your Menomonie, WI business!

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers a number of floor cleaning services such as:







Afraid that your Menomonie, WI business is not the “correct type of facility for our floor cleaning services? Think again! ServiceMaster Cleaning Services goes everywhere:

Schools & Universities

Healthcare Facilities

Shopping Malls

Grocery Stores

Health Clubs

Office Buildings

Manufacturing Facilities

Auto Dealerships

Airports and more!

By taking care of your floors, you’re protecting not only the longevity of your flooring, but also helping keep your work environment healthy! Along with the dust, dirt, and other filth that collects on floors, cold and flu germs can also be found. Keeping your floors clean ensures that you’re giving your employees their best shot at staying healthy in the work place!

The floor cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services are the best in the area and go far beyond the standard and commonplace. We deep clean and spot-treat for stains, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your Menomonie, WI floors are being kept in top shape! To inquire about our floor cleaning services, contact us today at



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