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Care for Cubicles With Commercial Cleaning in Eau Claire, WI, by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services

November 4th, 2016 · No Comments

Within many office spaces, there are cubicles that provide individual workspaces for every employee. As you walk around the office, you can see that each cubicle is decorated and has become a home for each employee. While cubicles are a great way to provide a space for employees, they are also a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Cubicles can become quite dirty over time and without commercial cleaning services, even lead to sickness in the work place. To avoid such problems, it is essential to provide commercial cleaning services in Eau Claire, WI.


Common Cleaning Needs of Cubicles

The reasons that cubicles need to be cleaned on a regular basis may surprise you. Dust mites are a big reason behind the need for cleaning. Dust mites can easily move from the home to the office and take up residency in the cubicle walls. The walls are like dust traps, capturing the dust mites, and a lack of commercial cleaning can result in dirt and allergen buildup, which can lead to the population of dust mites growing tremendously.

Speaking of allergens, this is also a big problem with Eau Claire, WI, work cubicles. Dust mites actually emit waste that will trigger the symptoms of allergies and even asthma. This can include causing a runny nose, trouble breathing, headaches, and sneezing. With regular vacuuming of the cubicles, the allergens can be removed to help improve the air quality of the office space and reduce allergy symptoms.

Commercial cleaning of office cubicles will also help to remove any stains that may be present. Because cubicles are a home of sorts for employees, eating and drinking will take place in the area. Drinks and foods can easily be spilled and splashed onto the cubicle. Dirty hands can leave behind marks that will need to be removed. With regular cleaning, such stains will not be permanent.


To have your office cubicles cleaned regularly to remove allergens, dust mites, and stains, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (715) 832-5326. The cleaning company is ready to assist you with all of your office cleaning needs.

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