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ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Provides Expert Hospital Cleaning Services in Menomonie, WI

July 7th, 2016 · No Comments

Hospital and other medical facilities in Menomonie, WI do important work. They are appreciated by the people they serve and provide emergency care, rehabilitation, elder care, pediatric care, and a number of lifesaving procedures and treatments. While doctors, nurses, technicians, and hospital administrators are busy doing their jobs and treating patients, there is other work that cannot be neglected. Janitorial and hospital cleaning services are also an important aspect of keeping things running smoothly.

Operating budgets are tight in most industries, and this includes health care. Many hospitals are understaffed and overworked. Outsourcing cleaning and janitorial duties to a trusted partner like ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is a smart move for many hospitals. Our team of trained technicians provide an expert level of cleaning. We clean and maintain hard surface floors. We pay particular attention to high traffic areas like hallways and stairwells. We vacuum and clean carpeting in administrative offices and make sure reception areas and waiting rooms are dusted and sanitized.

It is important for hospitals to project an image or cleanliness and order. We can also organize storage rooms and closets, stock bathrooms and employee break rooms, and clean exam rooms. We work with our clients to find the right schedule and the right list of cleaning services so they can concentrate on providing top quality healthcare to their patients. Our technicians are JCAHO and HIPAA compliant.

We can also assist with remodeling projects and haul away debris. We can implement a regular pickup schedule for garbage and recycling. We clean and sanitize shared office equipment and inspect and change privacy curtains in exam rooms.

Call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for all of your hospital cleaning and healthcare janitorial needs in Menomonie, WI. We are a trusted name for educational and commercial cleaning services, including post-construction cleanup and party and event cleanup. We use green cleaning methods to improve air quality and health and to lower operating costs. Call us today.

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ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Offers A+ School Cleaning Services in Eau Claire, WI

May 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Parents want their child’s educators to have every tool and resource available to them. Whether its books, supplies, or teaching aids, we all want teachers to have the best. It’s also important that our teachers work and teach in clean and safe environments. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers expert school cleaning services in Eau Claire, WI. We help maintain clean and sanitized school facilities so the teachers in our community can concentrate on what they do best.

There are many factors at play when teaching kids, but children who go to school in unclean classrooms are at a disadvantage. Maintaining order and cleanliness helps improve the morale of students no matter what age they are. We use safe, green cleaning products to clean classrooms, hallways, stairs, and offices. We work hard to eliminate dust and dirt in carpets so the air quality is as good as it can be. Dusty classrooms can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in children and staff.

Hard surface floor cleaning and maintenance is no problem for our teams of trusted and trained technicians. We can also clean conference rooms, labs, gyms, administrative offices, and faculty lounges.

We can schedule garbage and recycling pickup, perform repair work or remodeling, and haul away debris. We focus on high traffic areas and clean and sanitize common areas. We organize and stock store rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. We even do windows.

Many schools are strapped for cash, unfortunately. For some learning institutions, it may not be possible to keep a full-time janitorial or cleaning crew on staff. We can work within any budget to provide the services that are needed. We service every type of school, from kindergarten to high school. We also clean community colleges and universities.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services can work around any schedule to provide school cleaning in Eau Claire, WI. We also provide our commercial cleaning services to healthcare facilities throughout the area of Chippewa and Eau Claire counties in west-central Wisconsin.

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ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Provides Professional Carpet Cleaning in Rice Lake, WI

May 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

Our long Northern Wisconsin Winters can be hard on carpets. Spring, with melting ice and snow followed by rainy days, can really do a number on rugs and carpeting, even furniture. During the summer in Rice Lake, WI, carpets see a lot of traffic. Thats why ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides professional carpet cleaning for all seasons.

The impact dirty carpeting can have on the quality of office life can be significant. It goes beyond a few unsightly spots or stains as these can be treated and removed to restore the carpet to its original beauty. What cannot be seen is more damaging. Pet hair and dander can travel from the homes of employees where it can transfer and get lodged deep into carpet fibers. Dirt and dust particles also get worked into carpeting. In high traffic areas these particles are disturbed and dispersed into the air where they can affect asthma and allergy sufferers.

A building with a mold problem can also have a negative impact on carpeting in the office. Mold colonies disperse millions of spores into the air which then settle into carpets, rugs, draperies, and upholstered office furniture. Dusty carpets and furniture in waiting rooms and reception areas send the wrong signal to clients and customers. It is for all of these reasons that a professional team of carpet cleaning technicians is needed to get the air quality of the office back to an acceptable level.

While the health of your employees is always a top priority, theres something to be said about keeping your business looking its best. This is especially true if your business is open to the public. Regular professional carpet cleaning keeps office carpets looking great. We can also help your business by providing hard surface floor cleaning and maintenance.

Call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services today for your carpet cleaning needs in Rice Lake, WI. We also provide professional janitorial services to businesses including educational and healthcare facilities.


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ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Provides Janitorial Cleaning in Eau Claire, WI

May 15th, 2016 · No Comments

If your business is growing, thats great news. With new growth comes new responsibilities, and it might mean hiring additional staff. One thing that should never be neglected is a regular cleaning service to keep your facilities looking their best. Business owners always want to make the best impression on the public, and ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers full janitorial cleaning in Eau Claire, WI.

If your business has grown but not quite to the point where you can afford to keep a full-time janitor or cleaning person on staff, we can help. We provide a full list of professional cleaning services that can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or asneeded basis. We will work around your schedule and devise a strategy for service that will fit your budget so you can continue your expansion.

Some of the services that our trusted team of technicians provide include carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and maintenance. We can also schedule trash and recycling pickups, keep employee break rooms clean, and ensure storage closets are stocked and organized. Our cleaning methods are on the cutting edge of technology for floor stripping and waxing, high speed buffing, and HVAC duct cleaning. Whether you run a retail store, financial institution, school, or hospital, we can help.

If you have concerns about the impact cleaning products can have on the environment, you can rest easy knowing we use green methods for our janitorial cleaning services. We use a patented carpet cleaning system called Capture and Removal Cleaning® which meets all the environment guidelines for the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services (GS-42).

We want to help you keep clean, keep green, and assure the health and wellbeing of your employees by improving the sanitation and air quality of your facilities. Call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for our complete list of janitorial cleaning services available in Eau Claire, WI.


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ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Has More to Offer in the Menomonie, WI Area Than You Could Ever Imagine!

April 26th, 2016 · No Comments

Its no secret that ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers high-quality, commercial cleaning services at a value price to residents of the Menomonie, WI area. The area’s business community has come to know ServiceMaster Cleaning Services as its goto for anything janitorial related, but did you know that our services encompass so much more than just commercial cleaning? That’s right! Over at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, we have been offering a high number of different cleaning services for many, many years! But in case you missed it, we’re here to fill you in!

How many and what kind of cleaning services does ServiceMaster Cleaning Services really offer? We’re glad you asked! The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Carpet Cleaning & Protection

Upholstery & Office Furniture Cleaning

  • Window Washing
  • Hard-Surface Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Floor Stripping and Waxing
  • High-Speed Buffing
  • HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Employee Break Room Upkeep
  • Office Waste Removal

That’s right! Our cleaning services are practically all encompassing. We’re able to offer a wide array of services with customizable plans so that each client we work with has their specific needs met. Interested in our cleaning services but uncertain whether we can cater to your type of business? Worry no more, because ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers its high-end cleaning services in a variety of locations, including:


  • Offices
  • Industrial Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

  • Retail Stores
  • Banks
  • And More!

Better yet, we offer this wide variety of cleaning services in this wide variety of settings with a wide variety of additional options for those Menomonie, WI businesses that have a very specific set of needs, encompassing, but not limited to:

  • Post-Construction Clean Up
  • One Time Indoor Services
  • One Time Outdoor Services
  • Special Event Clean Up
  • Green Cleaning
  • And More!

We work hard to work with our Menomonie, WI clients, and over at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, we would be honored to have you on our list of partnerships. So contact us today at 715.231.3200 to see how we can help you!


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Construction Season is Here for Eau Claire, WI! Don’t Get Caught Without a Plan. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services to Prepare for Your Post-Construction Cleanup Procedure!

April 19th, 2016 · No Comments

Ah yes, the construction cone, Wisconsin’s state flower that pops up every spring. That’s right, Eau Claire, WI is finally thawing from a highly aggressive and bitterly cold winter, which means that construction is just around the corner, much to any commuters dismay. What’s on the table for this spring in your Eau Claire, WI home and/or business? Planning any remodeling? You’ve only got a six month window to get any outdoor construction done, so why not start today?! ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is here to provide our best post-construction clean up services yet!

You might be thinking, Clean up talk already? That’s right! Your life is about to rocket into some of the busiest months of the year. Kids are getting out of school and parades, barbeques, and pool parties galore will all keep you from sitting down to meticulously plan, so why not get it out of the way now while the sky scraper-sized mountains of snow in the local grocery store’s parking lot are still melting.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers astoundingly low-priced, yet high quality postconstruction clean up plans that you can organize right now! That’s right. Our postconstruction clean up offerings include (but are not limited to):

  • Drywall & Insulation Dusting
  • Cleaning Paint Overspray From Dirty Windows & Mirrors
  • Removing Adhesives
  • Disposing of Construction Debris and Scraps
  • Vacuuming and/or Mopping All Flooring

We say ‘not limited to’ because we also offer customizable services to all of our Eau Claire, WI clients. We know and understand that each business and home has its own special needs depending on what kind of construction the building underwent over the glorious months of warmth. If you’re getting outdoor work done, maybe you need more landscaping help than vacuuming and moping. If you’re getting new floors put in, maybe you need someone to finely polish your new floors for a grand re-opening. If you’re getting new plumbing installed, maybe you need someone to finely clean the rest of your bathroom to make sure everything is up to the same high quality as your new equipment. For help in any of these scenarios, we can step in!

Not sure if we fit your bill? Give us a call today at 715-832-5326 to find out, free of charge! We want to make sure that you and your Eau Claire, WI home/business are looking as pristine and as clean as can be after undergoing construction or remodeling, so take a chance on us and ask about our postconstruction clean up services!


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The Facts are In and It’s Bad News for Menomonie, WI Floors! Luckily, Floor Cleaning Plans From ServiceMaster Cleaning Services are Here to Save the Day- and Your Health!

April 12th, 2016 · No Comments

You may want to rethink the 5 second rule! According to Greatists’ news article, The 21 Germiest Places You’re Not Cleaning,” floors are one of the most highly contaminated locations in any home or business. Although that may not be unexpected, did you know that gym bags and shoes are some of the biggest germ trackers in any location? Shoes are one thing, but even handbags could be hoarding potentially sickening germs. If you’re running a large business with hundreds of employees and an incredibly large cliental base, your floors are in huge trouble! Luckily, the floor cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services are efficient, value-priced, and customizable for your Menomonie, WI business!

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers a number of floor cleaning services such as:







Afraid that your Menomonie, WI business is not the “correct type of facility for our floor cleaning services? Think again! ServiceMaster Cleaning Services goes everywhere:

Schools & Universities

Healthcare Facilities

Shopping Malls

Grocery Stores

Health Clubs

Office Buildings

Manufacturing Facilities

Auto Dealerships

Airports and more!

By taking care of your floors, you’re protecting not only the longevity of your flooring, but also helping keep your work environment healthy! Along with the dust, dirt, and other filth that collects on floors, cold and flu germs can also be found. Keeping your floors clean ensures that you’re giving your employees their best shot at staying healthy in the work place!

The floor cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services are the best in the area and go far beyond the standard and commonplace. We deep clean and spot-treat for stains, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your Menomonie, WI floors are being kept in top shape! To inquire about our floor cleaning services, contact us today at



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The Dirtiest Places in Your Eau Claire, WI Work Place? You’d Be Shocked! ServiceMaster Cleaning Services’ Commercial Cleaning Services Are Here To Help!

April 5th, 2016 · No Comments

According to, offices are dirtier than ever. You may think you’re safe simply because you always clean your cubical and wash your hands before eating. The dirty truth, however, is that the common areas of your Eau Claire, WI workplace are fostering hundreds of thousands of millions of nasty germs that carry diseases like the common cold and the flu!

In a large study, over 4,800 surfaces in a work place of 3,000 people were tested, and of the 4,800 surfaces tested, over 75% of break room faucets were found to be substantially dirty, along with 48% of microwave handles and 27% of keyboards. These tests did not address the germs that would be found in places commonly known to be dirty, like the restroom or door handles of the business. If these places were tested, it is safe to assume that the findings would be even more alarming than that of the common area tests. That’s why it is incredibly important to keep common areas in an office environment clean.

If a business fails to maintain the cleanliness of their common areas, one sick employee could lead to an entire department being out. When the number of employees calling in sick goes up, productivity and profitability goes down. Maintaining a high degree of office cleanliness should be looked at as insurance to protect employee health and company fiscal wellbeing, not as a waste of time, effort, and money.

Although many people do their best to ensure that they do not leave behind a trail of germs when they enter and utilize common spaces, some things cannot be helped by risk-prevention alone. That’s why we’re here! ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides commercial cleaning plans that are customizable to the specific needs of any business. We work hard to ensure that your Eau Claire, WI workplace is kept pristine clean for a value price! By employing our staff you can rest easy knowing that we work hard at keeping your staff as healthy as possible. To start cleaning up the common areas in your Eau Claire business, contact us today at 715-832-5326.


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This Just In: Hospital Infection Rates Are Still Causing Trouble Day In and Day Out! Save Your Eau Claire, WI Healthcare Facility with ServiceMaster Cleaning Service’s Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services!

February 26th, 2016 · No Comments

According to a recent news report on Crain’s Chicago Business, “an estimated 722,000 patients get an infection while being treated in U.S acute care hospitals, and 75,000 with the conditions die.” This is bad news for both you and your Eau Claire, WI healthcare facility. People flock to hospitals when they’re ill because they trust that the highly respected doctors and staff will take good care of them and send them on their way home feeling better. But as of late, a lot of Americans are heading into hospitals and developing infections while under a physician’s care. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is here to do everything possible to help you and your Eau Claire, WI healthcare facility with our healthcare facility cleaning services!

Crain’s Chicago Business also expressed that the most common kinds of bacteria that can be found in hospitals are also some of the most lethal, specifically meaning MRSA, C. Diff, and VRE. These viruses alone sound intimidating, but imagine if the superbug strain of these viruses was found in your healthcare facility. Nursing homes, hospitals — few places are safe and once one infection is found in a community environment, it’s almost guaranteed to spread to other members of the community. So do the best you can for your Eau Claire, WI healthcare facility by settling for nothing less than the best.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services healthcare facility cleaning services are some of the best in the Eau Claire, WI area. We take extra special care when cleaning healthcare facilities to ensure that our clients are satisfied and their clients remain healthy and safe. To take advantage of our value-priced and high-quality healthcare facility cleaning services, contact us at 715-832-5326 today!

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Midterms are Coming! Keep Schools Safe and Clean and Students Healthy With ServiceMaster Cleaning Services School Cleaning in Menomonie, WI!

February 20th, 2016 · No Comments

Spring midterms are on the horizon. Soon enough the graduating class will be gearing up to walk across the stage and get their degrees. Do not fail them now! The last thing any Menomonie, WI student needs is a cold during their spring midterms. By keeping your school clean with ServiceMaster Cleaning Services’ school cleaning services, you are giving students their best shot to pass their finals and keep their heads clear as they prepare to go on to college or other higher levels of education.

Midterms are not the only reason it’s important to keep students extra safe and healthy during the spring season. Testing anxiety is another major reason why you’ll want to ensure that your Menomonie school is as clean as possible when midterms roll around. Students who are anxious are significantly more likely to catch a cold according to, and for those students who depend on midterms to boost their grades from a B+ to an A-, anxiety levels can become dangerously high.

Not to mention the toll that exhaustion can play on the immune system. During midterms, students are staying up late just to get those extra hours of studying in. Oftentimes, students also fail to get the proper nutrients they need during exam time, relying instead on snacks and less foods of substance because of time constraints and stress.

Long story short, students are at an increasingly high risk for getting sick during midterms. The best thing you can do as a school staff member is to keep your classroom as clean as possible to ensure that no student is coming in contact with harsh flu and cold viruses. Over at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, we believe that we are absolutely the best company for the job.

We offer high-end and value-priced school cleaning services that can tackle cafeterias, classrooms, restrooms, staff areas, and plenty of other shared surfaces. With us keeping your Menomoine, WI school clean, students won’t have to worry about catching an ill-timed cold and can instead focus exclusively on their midterms in hopes of getting the best test score possible. To start helping your students excel this midterm season, contact us to inquire about our school cleaning services.

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